Anxiety Treatment Cork – What Can You Expect?

Anxiety Treatment Cork – When you are suffering with an anxiety issue, it can seem overwhelming or like you have no control over it. Your anxiety itself can feel a bit scary for those reasons. My job is to help you to understand firstly, that it’s just anxiety and that you’re not dying. So I use certain hypnosis techniques where you’ll learn to tolerate the anxiety symptoms better. As a result, you’ll no longer be scared of them.

We also examine what caused you to be anxious in the first place. For instance, that can sometimes be a specific incident that caused you to become anxious. We will go back and revisit that event and give a different (and better) meaning. We’ll also teach you how to be calm and relaxed in most normal, everyday situations so that anxiety only ever happens for really life threatening reasons in the way it should happen.

Anxiety Treatment Cork – What Do I Treat?

I can help you with anxiety, fears and phobias, generalised anxiety disorder, social anxiety, sexual anxiety, panic attacks, worrying, overthinking and stress. In my opinion, hypnotherapy is one of the best, quickest and most effective ways to treat anxiety. Many of my anxiety clients over the years would say that it worked very effectively for them.

Anxiety Treatment Cork – What’s The Next Step?

I always offer a free initial consultation with everyone who inquires about treatment for anxiety. I use this one hour consultation to have a chat with you about your anxiety problem. Most importantly, I get some history to the problem and ask you what triggers it for you. You can tell me how does it feel and how exactly you do your anxiety problem. As a result I can understand better how I can successfully help you. 

To arrange that FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION, you can call or text me on 086 2666670, or use the contact form provided by clicking here