Panic Attacks Cork – do you think you might be suffering from panic attacks? If so, there are a lot of people just like you. Between 30 – 40% of people will experience panic attack symptoms during their lifetime. The good news is that in most cases panic attacks or panic disorder can be resolved with the correct therapy.

Common Symptoms Of Panic Attacks

panic attacks cork

If you have experienced four or more of these symptoms, you may be suffering from panic attacks

  • trembling or shaking
  • sweating more than usual
  • a feeling that your heart is pounding (or beating very fast).
  • feeling that there’s not enough air to breathe or feeling short of breath
  • feeling like you are choking
  • feeling sick, or feeling like you have butterflies in your stomach, or even pain in your stomach
  • feeling like you could faint, or feeling dizzy or lightheaded
  • feeling that certain parts of your body are numb or feeling tingles
  • feeling like everything around you isn’t real
  • feeling detached from your surroundings all of a sudden
  • hot or cold flushes
  • scared of losing control, or dying, or even going crazy.

Panic Attacks Vs. Panic Disorder

Panic Disorder is just a more intense version of the standard panic attack. Panic Disorder is normally diagnosed when

  • if for one month or more you are constantly worried about experiencing a panic attack again
  • if you’ve significantly altered your behaviours / routines in order to avoid having a panic attack

Causes Of Panic

It is very difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of a panic attack. Here are some of the more common contributory factors but bear in mind that there may be no identifiable reason.

  • Family Background – having another family member who you witness having anxiety or depressive episodes.
  • Biological Factors – other medical conditions such as heart problems, asthma or IBS can be contributory factors
  • Negative Experiences – Muggings, house break-ins, car accidents, death of a family member or friend can trigger the onset of a panic attack. Losing a job, financial worries, etc., can also trigger this condition.

Overcoming Your Panic

As with any condition of this nature, please do not use this website or any other to self-diagnose. You should ALWAYS consult your GP first in order to rule out any other medical reason. Then – click here to contact me now to arrange a free initial consultation where we’ll have a chat about the problem. I’ll ask you some questions to get some background on the problem and then I’ll be able to suggest a course of action that I think will successfully help you to overcome the problem